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Check our             for currently scheduled classes.  Requests for classes always welcome!


Stained Glass 

​Stained glass classes 

Learning the art of stained glass in the Tiffany Style

Blitz class





Single 4 hour session

In our blitz class you will learn to make a stained glass sun catcher from a set pattern.  Glass is pre-cut allowing you to focus on grinding, foiling and soldering

cost $60 supplies included

Beginners 3 week course

7 1/2 hours total.  2 1/2 hour classes.

Class meets once a week.

in our beginners course everyone follows the same pattern.  Learn to cut, grind, foil

and solder.

cost $150 supplies included

Intermediate 4 week course

10 hours total.  2 1/2 hour classes.

Class meets once a week.

cost $175 limited supplies included

Painting on Glass


Painting on Glass for beginners

Single 2 1/2 hour class

Follow a set design and learn the fundamentals

Cost $50 Supplies included

Painting on Glass Intermediate

Two part class 2 ½ hour sessions

Create your own design or follow a set design.  Enjoy exploring your techniques with the guidance of an experienced artist.


Fuse Glass Classes

Fuse glass is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of glass.  These classes are typically themed and you can find them on our events page.  Great for both beginners and advanced artists.







Glass cutting 101

45 minute class

Learn the basics of cutting glass



Private instruction 

$25 for an hour private session

With Private instruction you will hone your skills with a professional at your side.  You will get your instructors full attention to work on skills of your choice

in Painting on Glass or Stained Glass.


Studio time

Come and use our space and tools

You supply your own glass, foil, solder, and grinder bits.

(available for purchase)

$20 for a day

$50 for a week (one shelf of storage)

$100 for a month (two shelves of storage)

Just want to work at home and have us fire something for you in the kiln?

16''x16'' shelf in the kiln for $20

Sorry potters, glass only.