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Part of the Hilltop Glass & Mirror family,  Hilltop Glass Creations is located in historic Mt. Healthy, in the greater Cincinnati area of Ohio.   Hilltop Glass Creations is an intimate work space and learning studio for crafters and artisans at every level. Create, practice, or learn new skills either individually, or in a class setting.

Cindy, the owner of Hilltop Glass Creations has traveled the country looking for rare and unique glass for her shop giving you the chance to create something truly fantastic!

Hilltop Glass Creations sells a vast array of stained glass supplies.

  • Glass from Kokomo, Spectrum, Uroboros, Wissmach and many others

  • Glass cutters, Running Pliers, Grozers & Other Hand Tools

  • Foil, Solder, Soldering Irons

  • Bevels and Bevel Sets

  • Lamp Hardware and Night Light Fixtures

  • Lead, Zinc & Brass Channel

  • Fluxes, Patinas, Putty & Other Cleaning Supplies

  • Cast Metal Figurines

  • Glass Nuggets

  • Kaleidoscope Kits

If we don't have what you are looking for in stock we will find it for you.   When you purchase from Hilltop Glass Creations you get our knowledge and experience to help you create your best work.


Stained glass classes offered at the studio are taught by talented professionals who have decades of experience in the field. Attention and care is paid to everyone from the absolute beginner to those with experience. You will learn how to make a pattern, grind glass, solder it together and complete a masterpiece. Learn more



Fused glass classes offered are fun for children and adults alike. Fusing glass is a relatively mess-free project and allows for hands-on placement of different types of glass on top of each other. These layered pieces of glass are then fused in a kiln. Learn more



Glass painting classes are appropriate for most ages, and allow for each individual to be as detailed or as simple as they choose in their design. A whole breed of glass design unto itself, painting on glass allows one to manipulate the colors of the glass as a piece is being created. Learn more

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