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 If you find something that you think interests you, feel free to contact us to find out how you can get started making your own glass creations!

Stained Glass Classes

Leaded Glass windows are found throughout history in church cathedrals.  This lovely technique found its way into the home with Victorian Era design, and has remained popular ever since.  Stained glass is cut and fitted into the channel of lead came, then soldered at the joints and cemented to provide strength that will endure for years to come.

The technique of copper foil was mastered by Tiffany and is just as popular today. Stained glass is cut and wrapped in copper foil tape, then the foiled seams are soldered together, holding glass permanently in place.

Stained glass classes at the studio are enjoyed by those with beginner knowledge of the craft and those who have had experience in it before.



The word mosaic describes a variety of artwork made of glass, stone, tile or other materials. Glue and grout mosaic, also known as the direct method, is a simple process that allows you to transform just about anything. Simply adhere your mosaic materials onto your project and grout.

Painting on Glass


Glass painting is now being offered at HGC! Our talented and creative staff painter is available to teach any skill level her technique of painting. You can use our patterns, your own patterns or photography to create a work of art that you can keep.

These classes are between two and three hours long, depending on difficulty and

intricacy. Difficulty, time, and other factors can modify the price.

Stepping Stones & Yard Art

A combination of glass techniques, stepping stones and yard art are ways to create beautiful additions to your garden.

Fused Glass Classes

Fusing is the process of heating glass to extreme temperatures until it melts (fuses) together. Fusing glass in a kiln is a fascinating technique that enables artists and crafters to create unique and gorgeous projects. Once you learn the basics, the possibilities are endless, and the results will amaze you!

Become a Hilltopper!

We're always looking for craftspeople and artisans to join our crew! 

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